Mejias Corporation

Temporary Payroll Services

Hiring policies and projects created the necessity for this service and it is designed to ensure worker satisfaction.

The Mejias Corporation engages temporary contract worker(s) in two ways.

  1. On a Temporary Employee basis where personal tax and governmental wage burdens are deducted at source (at the time the Temporary Worker is paid).
  2. On a Limited Company basis. In this instance payment is made gross without the deduction of tax, governmental wage burdens to an incorporated individual worker.


Alberta S/T O/Tx1.5
Contractor Hourly Pay 32.00 48.00
Employment Costs
VAC/Stat 2.43 0.00
EIC 0.83 1.16
CPP 1.70 2.38
WCB 1.10 1.54
Cost of Employment 38.07 53.07
$ Charge 6.47 6.47
% Charge 15% 11%
Hourly Invoice Rate 44.54 59.55

Terms and conditions are varied and be adjusted in accordance with individual business needs.