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Safety Orientation Services

Canadian Safety Fundamentals for Construction Workers

This three to five day training program provided through Safety Orientation Services Inc., starts with the study and exam preparation for safety fundamentals and culminates with the worker (domestic or foreign where English is a second language) understanding the broad basics of the safety in Canada and ‘ready to write’ the Alberta Construction Safety Association’s, ACSA, ‘Construction Safety Training System’, CSTS proctored exam, abroad or in Canada.

We operate under the the philosophy that any worker will more readily internalize their understanding of safety basics when trained, from the right to refuse work they think is unsafe to taking the responsibility for their own safety, that of their co-workers, the public, equipment, property and the environment.

Internalization of the information is accomplished by discussing safety as personalized ‘nears and dears’ and sharing past experiences in the participants native language, while directly relating to the English training materials. The training materials are initially presented via multimedia class room presentations, then via individual, interactive, on-line systems as generated, designed and developed by the Canadian construction industry for their own workers.

All training is tracked and auditable to meet the scrutiny of any incident investigation in full compliance with Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

The elements are from ‘Safety Basics’, a broad based safety program template for Canadian industry and commonly used worldwide.

Safety Policy - Hazard Assessment - Safe Work Rules & Policies - Safe work Practices - Safe Work Procedures - Personal Protective Equipment - Training and Communication - Inspections Incident Investigations - Emergency Preparedness and Response - Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) - Fall Protection Systems