Mejias Corporation

Sourcing and Recruitment

Domestically or using foreign recruitment services, finding the right workforce has become a challenge to even the most experienced HR recruitment professionals. Globalization, engagement, retention, entrenchment, mass exit strategies, and many other buzz words attempt to describe the new methods we now use to manage our people resources. The ever changing labor markets have created the largest risk to any business’ success and many will fail because of it.

New solutions and practices have affected every aspect of recruitment, retention and the final release of workers. No matter the market, keeping current the key fundamentals, tools and practices are crucial for every business. Without this, a business’ core competencies may become confused or lost, which puts not only its success in jeapordy but its very survival.

The methodologies and solutions provided by The Mejias Corporation are in compliance with tried and tested practices, closely conforming to all laws and regulations and supplement the existing hiring systems of our clients.