Mejias Corporation

Competency Assessment Platform

Competency Assessment Platform © (CAP) is a customizable suite of online and face-to-face tools specifically developed as a fast track, efficient competency validation system.

  • Unique by industry and can be used by educational providers.
  • System provides a weighted series of measurements of specified and agreed competencies with starting points delivered online.
  • Trackable and auditable.
  • Complies with Federal, Provincial & Jurisdictional regulations.
  • Improves productivity for recruitment to worker succession planning.
  • Savings can defer program costs.
  • Ensures a well trained, evolving work force.
  • Facilitates substantiated mitigation in litigious situations.

Assessment => Validation => Certification

  • Competency Assessment and Tracking
  • Workforce Profiling
  • Performance Appraisals Recognition
  • Succession Planning
  • Training Needs Analysis and Planning
  • Compliance and Certification